Rates are for 1 unit and a family of four (2 adults & 2 children under 19) or 3 adults. Kids under 5 stay free.
Additional persons are $5.00. Additional tent (10'x10' max) $10.00 each night.

Type of Site Daily Weekday Weekends per night Holidays
per night
Weekly Monthly
4 weeks
Tent Primitive Site (no Hookups) $29.00 $29.00 $31.00 $162.00 $250.00
Tent on Water/Electric Site $32.00 $32.00 $38.00 $198.00 $335.00
Water/Electric $39.00 $45.00 $47.00 $234.00 $415.00
Full Hook Up $45.00 $49.00 $51.00 $264.00 $455.00
Premium Pull Thru Sites $49.00 $55.00 $57.00 $290.00 $475.00
Cabin 1 • Chipmunk
Sleeps 4, 2 Pets allowed
$64.00 $89.00 $90.00 $379.00 N/A
Cabin 5 • Owl
Sleeps 4, 2 Pets allowed
$64.00 $89.00 $90.00 $379.00 N/A
Cabin 2 • Fox
Sleeps 8, 2 Pets allowed
$71.00 $91.00 $92.00 $408.00 N/A
Cabin 3 • Bear
Sleeps 8, 2 Pets allowed
$71.00 $91.00 $92.00 $408.00 N/A
Cabin 4 • Deer
Sleeps 8, 2 Pets allowed
$71.00 $91.00 $92.00 $408.00 N/A
T-51 • 1BR Park Model
Sleeps 4, No Pets
$86.00 $102.00 $103.00 $482.00 N/A
B-30 • 1BR RV
Sleeps 4, No Pets
$86.00 $102.00 $103.00 $482.00 N/A
T-52 • 2BR RV
Sleeps 8, No Pets
$88.00 $104.00 $105.00 $492.00 N/A
T-59 • 2BR RV
Sleeps 8, No Pets
$88.00 $104.00 $105.00 $492.00 N/A
T-90 • 1BR Villa
Sleeps 4, No Pets
$90.00 $105.00 $106.00 $502.00 N/A
T-91 • 1BR Villa
Sleeps 4, No Pets
$90.00 $105.00 $106.00 $502.00 N/A
2BR Cottage
Sleeps 8, 2 Pets allowed
$106.00 $121.00 $122.00 $587.00 N/A
C-12 • 2BR Villa
Sleeps 6, No Pets
$106.00 $121.00 $122.00 $587.00 N/A

All vacation rentals are subject to tax. Cabin/cottage pet fee $5.00 per pet.
Vacation rentals require a 2-night minimum stay. Holiday weekends require 3 nights.
Supplies to bring: bed linens, pillows, pots & pans, cooking utensils + table service.

Camping Specials

Memorial Day Weekend Deal
Book Memorial Day Weekend at our regular price & get 40% off of 2 nights on the weekend of May 26-28! And leave your camper on site – free!

Labor Day Weekend Deal
Book Labor Day Weekend at our regular price & get 40% off of 2 nights on the weekend of September 1-3! And leave your camper on site – free!

Frequent Camper Appreciation

3rd visit of at least 2 nights and your name will be entered into drawing for 1 free camping night for the following season!
4th visit of at least 2 nights receives 1 FREE bucket of firewood!
5th visit and beyond of at least 2 nights, you will receive 40% OFF your stay!

Cabins 2 night minimum stay. Pets are allowed in Cabins only. $5.00 per pet per stay.
No pets are allowed in Trailer or Park Model rentals.
There is no charge for pets staying at your trailer or tent site.
$50.00 cash security/excessive cleaning deposit required for rental units.

The BIG WOW Factor

4, 5 or 6 Nights - Discount 17% OFF regular rates
7-21 Nights - Discount 30% OFF regular rates
4 Week Vacation - Super Discount 65% OFF regular rates

Gas Saving Promotion Save money by not towing your trailer home when staying consecutive weekends.
You can store your trailer during the week for just $2.50 per night, and you don’t have to unhook the electric.
Free parking for boats!

Visitors & Guests

Visitor Daily Rates - Hours: 10:00AM to 9:00PM
Seniors (65+) - $2.00
Adults + Children - $3.00

Visitor Overnight Rates
Seniors (65+) - $3.00
Adults + Children - $5.00

All guests must register at the office and receive a car pass.
Visitors must leave by 9:00PM or register for overnight.
Visitors will NOT be admitted to park after 9:00PM.
Anyone registering for a campsite must be 21 years of age or older!


Reservation & Refund Policies

• Deposits are required within 7 days of taking reservations.
• There is a 1 night deposit required for all reservations.
• Reservations must be paid in full two weeks prior to arrival.
• Memorial Day, July 4th & Labor Day require 3 night stay minimum.
• 2 night minimum stay required for all other weekend reservations.
• No refunds on Holiday or Special Event reservations canceled within 14 days prior to arrival date. Credit (less $10.00) is given if site is rebooked. All others require 2 days notice to receive a refund less $10.00 cancellation fee.

Pet Friendly Guidelines

At Red Oak, we realize that pets are family members for most of you (us too!). With updated shot records, your pets can join you on your vacation getaway. We welcome your well behaved pets to our campground. In order to be fair to all, we ask that you please adhere to the following rules. Please register your pet at the office. This will include proof of current rabies and distemper shots.

• Temporary tags are a good idea - with your name and phone number.
• It is of utmost importance that you respect the campers around you.
• Keep your dog calm and controlled on their leash when walking them.
• Discourage your dog from excessive barking. Frequent barking disturbs wildlife and other campers.
• Keep close supervision on your dogs as well as others.
• You are on vacation with your pet - don’t leave them here alone.
• Always pick up after your dog. Anyone found walking their pet without a pet waste disposal bag will be considered in violation of our pet guidelines.
• Watch that your dog doesn’t get tangled around tent poles or stakes, tables, trees, etc.
• Remove any leftover food after your dog eats. This food could attract unwanted insects or wildlife.
• Pets are not permitted in the bath houses, camp store, and recreation areas, including the pool, pavilion, recreation area and playground.

Aggressive dogs of any size or breed are not welcomed. If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, please leave them at home. If any dog exhibits aggressive behavior, management of Red Oak Campground will ask you to find other camping accommodations.

Online Reservations

You are encouraged to use the following on-line form in order to request a reservation at Red Oak Campground. We will make every effort to respond to your request as promptly as possible, generally within 24 hours, or the next business day.

Please understand that this is strictly a reservation request form. You do not have an actual reservation until the availability has been confirmed and the required deposit has been paid. If space is not available for the dates requested, we will convey our regrets. If space is available, we will e-mail you an invoice for the required deposit with payment options. We must then receive your deposit within 7 days of the issue date of the invoice, or your reservation request will be considered null and void. Be sure to check your e-mail in a timely manner.

Please complete this entire form prior to pressing the “Submit” button. Items marked with an asterisk (*) indicate required fields. We thank you for choosing Red Oak Campground and look forward to camping with you.

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